About Us

Quick professional invoicing for the ambitious.

At Quick Invoice we aim to provide the rapidly growing industry of freelancers and home-grown businesses with a hassle-free billing and accounting experience which is professional, fast, reliable and cost effective.

Create, Edit and Export invoices or quotations with our fast 3-step invoicing process. Track and record every single penny involved in your business without hassles. Keep an eye on your business through our detailed insights and analytics so that you can drive your business even better.

Quick Invoice was founded in 2021 by Snoop Technologies Pvt Ltd as a response to the lack of time and cost effective invoicing methods for businesses with limited infrastructure. We created Quick Invoice to deal with all our invoicing and accountings on our own. The idea was to make billings and invoicing absolutely simple and fun and no longer a headache while looking professional and presentable, so that we can perform at our full potential without spending thousands of hours in just sending out quotations, making invoices managing our accounts on paper or overwhelming excel sheets and endless follow up with our clients for payments. We further found out that a lot of other businesses are struggling with the same problems, that's when we realised that Quick Invoice was necessary for this market to help businesses with less resources to handle their invoicing and accounting on their own.

Today, Quick Invoice enables thousands of businesses, home-grown brands and freelancers across India to keep a track of millions of Rupees every year. We are proud of spearheading the revolution of empowering the small-scale and individual businesses, and this is just the beginning.