Cookie and Tracking Policy

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, Quick Invoice collects information from users of our website and Services via cookies and other tracking technologies In the interest of transparency, we publish this notice so that you are aware of these tracking technologies, why we use them, and how to manage privacy settings for each type of tracker where applicable.

Analytics Tools

We use analytics cookies to collect de-identified website behavior data on Quick Invoice web properties and analyze how visitors are interacting with our site. We use the following analytics tools:

Google Analytics

For information on how to opt-out of tracking technologies from Google Analytics, click here.

Advertising Cookies

We use advertising cookies to collect anonymous performance metrics from and build audiences with anonymous data for keyword, display, video, and other ads. We use the following advertising cookies:

Google Ads (Adwords)

For information on opting out of Google advertising tracking technologies, click here.

Facebook Ads

For information on how to opt-out of Facebook tracking technologies, click here.

LinkedIn Ads

For information on how to opt-out of LinkedIn Ads advertising tracking technologies, click here.

Performance Monitoring and Functionality cookies

Website performance & user experience tooling anonymously tracks website visit and obtains performance data. They allow Quick Invoice site properties to remember information you have entered or preferences selected. We use the following performance monitoring and functionality tools:


You can use your browser settings to opt out of functionality cookies. For more information on how to do that, click here. Note that opting out may affect the functionality of our Site or account portal for you.

Required Cookies

Required cookies monitor Quick Invoice web properties to prevent fraud and abuse on our platform.